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Polished Concrete Floor Services in Mildura & Across Melbourne

Our flooring specialists serving in Mildura, Sunraysia, Renmark, Swan Hill, Broken Hill, across Melbourne confidently offers you a good number of polished concrete flooring solutions which will definitely help you to spruce up your property floors –be it at your residence, commercial workspace or industrial set-up.

The Benefits of Our Fitted Polished Concrete Floors

  • Our fitted polished concrete floors are aesthetically appealing- no matter where or at what setting it is fitted
  • Our installed polished concrete floors come with a life-long expectancy
  • Our polished concrete floors involve very low maintenance
  • Each of our professionally treated and polished concrete floors is very easy to clean
  • The fitted polished concrete floors are extremely hygienic and kid/pet friendly
  • Above all, our installed polished concrete floors are scratch and stain resistant

Our Process of Concrete Polishing in Mildura, Renmark & Across Melbourne

The entire process of achieving polished concrete floors greatly depends on our clients’ preferred style, design and appearance of the polished concrete floor they wish to achieve. And once the final call is made, our flooring specialists start the process.

Throughout our tenure; we have offered numerous concrete polishing options. Check some of them out.

The Grind & Seal Method

Our team uses this process to grind down the concrete right to the lower levels and then properly seal it using a quality crystal top-concrete polishing sealer

The Salt & Pepper Method

Our flooring specialists aptly grinds the concrete floor right down to its exposed aggregate thus leaving behind a salt and pepper concrete floor appearance.

Overlay System Method

This is a process in which our professional flooring experts aptly combine 2 separate concrete floor slabs to create a quality, attractive and uniform floor appearance.

Our Diverse Range Of Concrete Polishing Finishes in Mildura, Renmark & Across Melbourne

Polishing Polyurethane

We offer you quality polyurethane polish coats on the top of epoxy flake floors. Moreover, if you want a carbon black and grey with 10% mint patterns for the reception spot or ice white with 5% mint pattern for your main office/commercial/industrial working area, we will be happy to apply a quality polyurethane polish top coat for a shinier and eye-pleasing floor finish.

Polished Concrete Matte Finish

We also deliver quality polished concrete matte finish for fitness epoxy floors as well as for concrete floor bases with aggregate fully exposure.

Random Exposure Polished Concrete

Random exposure polished concrete is another popular option. And keeping up with the demands; we offer nil to full exposure. Some screed marks will be visible and they contribute to adding personality and character to the final random exposure polished concrete floor.

Warehouse Finish

Our experts will provide warehouse finish for concrete floors susceptible to staining, cracking, stone dust and other blemishes which appear over the floor surface with time. The will repair the blemishes and then apply a quality warehouse finish to achieve the desired flooring look.

Minimal Exposure Polished Concrete Floors

Subtle, minimalistic, yet alluring to the eye, our experts also confidently present you this minimal exposure polished concrete floor finish as per request- be it for your commercial workspace, factory set-up or industrial warehousing facility

We offer each of the aforementioned range of services in and across Mildura, Sunraysia, Renmark, Swan Hill; Broken Hill; in Melbourne.

Also striving to become the number 1 service provider in this respective industry; we extend our superior grade services to other cities like Adelaide & Sydney and across their suburbs too!

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