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Professional Concrete Flooring Repairs & Polishing In Mildura Sunraysia, Renmark, Swan Hill & Across Melbourne

SP Grinding & Polishing, your premier concrete repair and polishing specialists in Mildura Sunraysia, Renmark; Swan Hill & across Melbourne presents you with the perfect opportunity to restore the lost glory of your existing concrete surfaces.

What to Expect From Us upon Arrival?

Possessing sufficient field experience and having worked on so many similar projects previously; our team will arrive at your place at you chosen time and do the following –

  • They will thoroughly inspect the severity of damage on the concrete surface
  • Once determining the degree of repair needed to restore its smooth surface; they will chart out a professional concrete repair solution suiting your needs and budget estimate
  • Our team will then use their industry-approved tools and equipment to repair those cracks, crevices and dents meticulously
  • And if this wasn’t enough; they will also present extended warranties on all concrete repairs to give you a much needed peace of mind

What Entails In Our Wide Range Of Concrete Repair Solutions in Mildura Sunraysia, Renmark; Swan Hill & across Melbourne?

Joint Mastic Replacement

Simply put, the joint mastic denotes a soft flooring material which our team inserts in-between the 2 concrete flooring slabs. This is to prevent the cement slabs from not cracking when they expand and contract with the passage of time.

Moreover, if the need arises, our diligent team will properly repair those worn out joint mastic material and make your concrete surface safe from any damage.

Joint Edge Replacement

The process mainly involves restoring the joint edges at the point where 2 concrete floor slabs meet.

As this area is highly prone to wear and tear over time, our experienced team of concrete repairers will aptly restore this danger-prone sensitive area and bring about a robust, long-lasting and uniform looking concrete surface.

Stabilising Concrete Slabs

If there are voids or gaps present in-between concrete cement slabs, then there’s every change that it will destabilise! To avoid this unwanted inconvenience from taking place; our team adopts a process known as slab stabilisation.

Being self explanatory, the process involves stabilising (or re-stabilising) a concrete cement slab as a preventative measure to avert or mitigate cracks and other structural damages occurring on your cement slab from time to time.

Concrete Cancer Repairs

FYI – concrete cancer occurs when the steel utilised to reinforce the existing concrete slab starts rusting. And eventually, this rusting will expand and distort the encircling concrete, thereby making it brittle and prone to cracking.

However, our diligent team is well versed in tackling such concrete cancer repairs. And when they get started they will use this tried and tested procedure to restore your concrete slab structure’s strength and health.

Crack Repairs

Our experienced team of concrete repairers will check the crack and look to find out its real cause. And on doing so, they will unhesitantly repair the damage to ensure such blemishes never recur.

What Else Includes In Our Concrete Repair Services

Besides our aforementioned core concrete repair solutions; our diligent team also looks to deliver you-

  • Polymer modified repair mortars
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • Shortcrete repairs
  • epoxy repair mortars
  • Magnasite removal and repairs
  • concrete crack injection
  • floor joint caulking
  • full concrete garage repair and concrete grinding tripping-hazard repair
  • mechanical concrete polishing for industrial
  • commercial and even residential sectors across Melbourne

Our Target Locations

We offer each of the aforementioned range of services in and across Mildura, Sunraysia, Renmark, Swan Hill; Broken Hill; in Melbourne. We also look to extend our superior grade services to other cities like Adelaide & Sydney and across their suburbs too!

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