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Concrete Grinding, Sealing & Polishing Services in Mildura, Sunraysia, Swan Hill & Others across Melbourne

SP Grinding & Polishing presents you with professional quality concrete grinding, sealing polishing and other flooring services in Mildura, Sunraysia; Swan Hill, Broken Hill in and across Melbourne; at industry adhering rates.

Our cost-effective concrete grinding and flooring solutions prove to be a wonderful alternative for all types of commercial, domestic and even industrial properties-both in its interior and exteriors!

We Send Our Elite Team to Handle All Your Project Specifics & Requirements

Having an elite team, of grinders and flooring specialists operating in Mildura and beyond; we offer you a wide variety of concrete flooring styles and pleasing finishes to choose from based on your tastes, preferences and estimated budget.

We proudly declare that all our completed concrete floor finishes will exude a impressive polish and smoothness to complement your spaces.

Plus; our professionally grinded, chemically strengthened and polished concrete floors will be impressively robust and impervious to foot-traffic, strains and other possibly occurring forms of blemishes which take place from time to time.

But that’s not all.

Our professional team of grinding and polishing concrete specialists operating in Swan Hill, Mildura and other nearby suburbs in Melbourne also share with you professional advice and tips to assist you in optimally customising your concrete flooring design.

Our passionate, experienced and confident team always strives for perfection in whatever projects they take up. And when you hire us for your advanced concrete solutions offered all across Melbourne; we do everything in our power to help you achieve your yearned flooring look to best complement your space.

Our Concrete Grinding, Sealing & Polishing Process

When speaking about our professional concrete polishing method; our experienced team adopts a multi-step mechanical process.

  • The first step involves grinding the concrete to the required exposure.
  • That is followed by a 3-step grouting process. The whole point of this step is to properly fill in holes, cracks, and other existing blemishes in that concrete slab/floor.
  • Once our team is done with the grouting process; they will move over to the next step which is to harden the concrete slab chemically using top concrete densifiers. Doing so will strengthen the concrete surface exponentially and even affirm its sufficient shine longevity
  • It is here and now that we begin with the polishing stage. To achieve a wonderful glimmer, our diligent team will use a series of top-grade polishing resins to work with over the concrete surface.

Once the work is complete; we will present you with professionally finished concrete floors having an impressive uniform gloss.

We Also Recommend You a Quality Alternative to Polished Concrete

That’s correct. In contrast to our quality polished concrete floors; our professional team presents you with the option of aptly grinded and sealed concrete flooring to meet the requirements of your exterior entertainment spots, basements, pathways and even garages.

We start by aptly grinding the concrete floor slab to its appropriate exposure. We also use our 3-step and detailed grouting process which we use in polishing concrete floors too.

Once done, our flooring specialists will apply a 50 grit resin finish to the concrete floor. This will be followed by dusting and vacuuming the floor to make it ready for the sealing process. And speaking of quality sealers; we will use top-quality acrylic/solvent-based/polyurethane sealers which come in vivid gloss levels along with UV-resistance.

Moreover, we also add a non-slip additive to those floor areas that get exposed to the harsh sunlight and elements. So, in short; we work closely in tandem with our clients and deliver sound advice on concrete flooring applications best-suiting their specific requirements.

Our Concrete Grinding & Polishing Are For All Sectors Across Melbourne & Beyond

Our aim is to become the number # 1 concrete grinding & polishing service provider for all demanding sectors across the Melbourne metropolitan.

Our Commercial Concrete Grinding, Polishing and Sealing in Melbourne Involves the Following Applications

Showrooms, food courts, department stores, grocery stores, movie theater, bars & nightclubs, hotels & casinos, commercial kitchens, clinics & dental offices, automotive service centers.

Our industrial grinding and polishing concrete flooring offered in and across our targeted Melbourne suburbs cover the following applications

  • Production facilities
  • loading docks
  • laboratories
  • chemical plants
  • food processing plants
  • beverage & bottling facilities
  • breweries & wineries
  • control rooms
  • pharmaceutical production
  • electronics & semiconductors

And our domestic concrete grinding and polishing services offered in and across our targeted Melbourne suburbs cover the following applications-

Garage floors, basements, work rooms, mud rooms, swimming pool areas, patios, decking, home gyms, bathrooms and so on!

Our Target Locations

We offer each of the aforementioned range of services in and across Mildura, Sunraysia, Renmark, Swan Hill; Broken Hill; in Melbourne.

Also striving to become the number 1 service provider in this respective industry; we extend our superior grade services to other cities like Adelaide & Sydney and across their suburbs too!

Speak To Us About Your Project. We will be happy to help you and meet your wishes.

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